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Ello. In my gallery, you'll mostly see pictures made with MS Paint and Corel Painter. Alot of my older pictures were made with and Photoshop too. (When I used to have those two programs.) I'm not the greatest artist in the world. In fact, I still have a LONG way to go before I can be good like my favorite artists on DA. However, I do the best I can.. ^^;

My style changes alot too. :P I usually draw whatever inspires me so there are alot of different things in my gallery.


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I've been dealing with mood swings on and off for awhile now, and they've been getting worse the past 2 years (Usually, they're really bad at home because of certain circumstances at home. I always get extremely unmotivated at home, and the atmosphere there is suffocating.. I would go into further detail about home stuff, but that would just be a different topic entirely..) But I've been getting them at school now too... Even when there is nothing to get sad about.. (Yesterday, I finished all of my finals. But right now I just feel so...down I guess...)

I think it may just be things going on in life right now that are causing them. I also just feel like I'm just stuck..Going back home in a few days, and not sure if I want to go home (I want to see family and friends, but that's about it). 

I'm sorry if everything seems vague.. If I said everything going on, it'd be a reallllly long post... I just want some advice on the moodswing thing, and whether or not anyone else gets them (and if you do, what do you?). They usually fluctuate a lot (I'll be ok, and then I'll feel my mood drop somewhat fast. Then once it's down, it's hard to get back up... Sometimes, I'll feel unusually really happy, silly, and confident, but they don't last very long). 
Hello deviants.

So I'm doing a creative project for one of my classes (It's a comic based on the Norse characters Tyr and Fenrir. It's going to be a silly comic strip series called "The Raising of Fenrir" and each comic relates to Tyr trying to take care of Fenrir (I would explain more about the reasoning behind the idea and my inspiration, but I want to get to the point of this thread, haha).

I need some ideas for comic strips.. I have a few, but not many (my dog is 9 years old. It's been awhile since I had a puppy..). Soo.. I was hoping that some of you would be willing to tell some stories/experiences you had with puppies (whether it was your own,  a friend's, one that you worked with, etc.). I'm hoping to get some inspiration from the stories and be able to think of more ideas for the comic strips. :)
DnD CanCan Campaign - Troubled Miner by Delpha
DnD CanCan Campaign - Troubled Miner
Of course the rogues in the party would immediately loot the miner's body the second after he died...haha (It's censored because of the blood.. There's not a lot in it, but I know some people are very sensitive about it).
DnD CanCan Campaign - Full Party by Delpha
DnD CanCan Campaign - Full Party
Here is the entire party for the new DnD campaign I'm in (DM is my boyyfriieend and some of our friends). I would say the names of all the characters, but I am still trying to remember everyone's names.. xD

Also, everyone is somewhat scared by the Dragonborn because in our first battle together she almost killed half the party with this dragon cone attack thing (I can't remember the exact name of it). So now we usually just stay behind her..
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This journal entry is simply a random musing of an article I had to read for class.. It's called "Susan Sontag On Photography", and a certain section of the article really popped out at me...

 We put more meaning to photographs than we realize, sometimes.. Yeah, we can take as many photos as we want, but there is a certain attachment to certain photographs... For instance, to lose or tear up a picture of a loved one can be considered a great loss (especially if they are dead or far away), or maybe it signifies the end of a relationship. That one and only photograph of your great great grandfather may be very important to your grandmother (or something), because it's the only photo of him that she has.... I can think of 3 examples of a photograph (or a group of photos) having significance to me in some way.

The first instance is my parents' wedding album (which no longer exists). My parents had a huge fight one day and my mom ripped apart their wedding album. I remember going into my dad's office afterwards to collect all the pieces into a white trash bag, hoping to somehow restore the album (by taping it together or something.. it would've been a very hard project though). I had an attachment to those photographs because I guess it symbolized a time where my parents' publicly announced their love (for a lack of a better term..), and the ripping apart of that album was a sign that it was falling apart. (I do still have one or two pictures from that album. Though my dad is ripped out in one of the pictures).

The second instance is the only photograph of my grandmother when she was young (the other pictures we have were of her later years). She lived in a country and a time where photography was usually only for the rich (Azores, Portugual), so to have this picture was awesome. Unfortunately, we lost it in the fire, and I'm sure it was a big loss to my mom.. (Even I felt the loss).

The third instance was my only picture of my older brother, Jonathan (he died a few hours after he was born). When I first found that picture, I was kinda shocked and surprised, because I never knew that a photo of him existed. Sadly, I also lost this photograph in the house fire. 

Speaking of the fire, there is another photograph instance involved in that.. We were able to salvage some stuff from our house afterwards, one of them being a broken firebox filled with old documents and photographs. One day I decided to look through it, and I found an envelope filled with photographs that were water damaged. They were still wet and the ink on the photographs were really messed up, making these cool patterns.. I decided to make a collage out of the photos (You can find it here.. I hope to take a better picture of it someday.  What Remains by Delpha    The initial meaning of these photographs were lost in the fire, but now they have a new meaning.. I look at this collage of photos and it reminds me what was lost, but there will always be pieces that we can remember (or something).

Anyways, are there any special photographs that have a significant meaning to you and/or someone you know? (I keep thinking of more examples, but most of them are sad so I'd rather now mention them ;_; ). I never really thought of the impact that photographs can have on us personally, especially when people we know are involved, ya know?..


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I have many bunny minions.... Be careful and watch out...



Oh and I love chocolate..alot... :iconchocoloveplz:

Current Residence: Pennsylvania :3
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Personal Quote: When there's rain, there will come shine.

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